At your service since 1985!

Guidatour is a tour guide agency for Montréal, Quebec City and Ottawa. Established in Montréal in 1985, we are well known for our dynamic, flexible and professional services.

You risk missing the most interesting parts of Montréal if you visit the city without taking a tour with a professional guide. Our tours complement all types of visits: individual or group, vacation or business, for the first or the thirty-first time!

Accompanied by one of our guides or historical characters, visitors will discover the architecture and cultural life of our city, as well as its history and development.

For each tour, our guides are carefully chosen to make sure the visit is adapted to the specific interests and requirements of every group.

We offer other services, including tour leaders, meet and greet staff, scavenger hunts, learning and enrichment programs and educational visits.

We answer your calls daily, all year round. For reservations, preferably call from Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Last minute reservations are accepted at no extra charge.


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